“Aside the fact that we have some bad influence directors who ask for s£x in return for a role , some ladies submit themselves for sex just to get a role” – Nollywood Actor Sherikoko


Aside the fact that we have some bad influence directors who ask for s£x in return for a role , some ladies submit themselves for sex just to get a role , Nollywood Actor Sherikoko

In an exclusive interview, Nigerian versatile comic actor , Sherikoko expresses how he felt about the current situations of the Nigerian movie industry

Introduce yourself, name, state of origin, educational background, occupation


My name is SHERIFF KADIRI fondly refer to as Sherikoko, hail from Edo state,
Went to St. Peters catholic primary school apapa road costain, bustop Ebute metta,
My secondary school- iponri grammar school, iponri, lagos
Higher institution- national open university (noun), Pefti films institute, Negv school of art and communication.
A stand-up comedian, thespian actor,tv&radio host/presenter, tourists professional

How did you get into the ever competitive Nigeria movie and comedy industry?

Long story short!!! I started as a stage play actor in my church comically back then in surulere, and also as a phone operator I do entertain my customers unknowingly then later met a friend that is a comedian and he introduce me stand-up comedy cos of my lifestyle, the person in question left the comedy industry already he is now a pastor, after then I decided to upgrade my acting skills.

At what point did you discover that comedy is the career you want to pursue?

At the point when I discover the talent and worked on my self even tho people hail me I never let it get into me, and I also seek some spiritual father’s who confirm it to me , this is the main point I took it as a career.

Tell us how the audition days were, how frustrating and challenging were those days?

Audition days, hmmmm so crazy, frustrating, humiliating, challenging because you will see competitors for same role you are fighting for , some look out for ur look, it is also fun and interesting sometimes tho. I don’t really like audition, I remember one I went, over 500 people came for audition, in my mind will I be choosen cos of this kind of croud and u will see many people fighting for same role, all is well.

Facing the camera is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

The film school I went to taught me to overcome camera fright, the very first time I held d mic to talk on stage my legs were shaking and I was sweating seriously, but later got over it, with lots of personal training by working on myself, and it helps me in my acting career to face camera more.

Which movie was your first and what role did you play?

My first movie was a drama series (my flatmate), I acted as a chief (chief okposo)

Since you started acting , have you landed any big role with other stars. Tell us how the shoot went?

Almost all the movie and drama series I have acted in involves top celebrieies, like the flatmate I acted alongside , basketmouth, buchi, and I go save, this particular one I was given a chief role and i almost got humiliated because one of them question the PM while will they give me this big role, and the PM said it’s basketmouth everybody kept quiet, that was how I played the role successfully tho I wasn’t moved cos of my past experience in the industry.
Also acted many series of the famous superstory produce by Wale Adenuga production, I acted alongside a lots of star, my siblings and I, own my funke akindele, and more.

From comedy you went into acting and you continue with the pursuit. How do you balance the two equations?

I started as a stage drama actor before stand up comedy and it’s very easy to run both cos they are almost the same, tho not all actors are comedian even if u are a comic actor doesn’t mean u can be a stand-up comedian but some of us do both

We keep hearing of bullying in the movie industry, how true is it and have you been bullied before ?

Bullying is a regular thing in the industry, discrimination, humiliation , acting with a star like RMD definitely as a beginner or a pro you need to be extra ordinary careful to avoid bullying. I have never been bullied before in acting but in comedy yes back then.

Have you witnessed sex for roles in anyway?

Sex for roles, deep, this happens not only in movie industry tho but some ladies submit themselves for sex just to get a role while some a force to do it, some of the process , directors will not give you a role if you don’t dance to there tone, we also have some gays producers directors ,some of the filmmakers are gays and they will and lure a guy like them into gay just for role, many are victim of this, all for the game, but we have some are are good that no producer or director will have to deceive you into sex before giving you a role, majorly they do that to those that don’t really have the talent.

You’ve not done any comedy show for a while now . Any reason? Should we be expecting any big comedy show any time from now ?

I believe what is worth doing at all is worth doing well cos proper preparation prevent poor performance, not because others are doing a comedy show, I should do too, some of them do shows to invite comedians to crack joke while the main host will end up not cracking jokes, so before you come out to organize a show prepare well and have jokes you wanna tell, the last time I did a show was 2014 but hopefully working on something soon.

What has been your biggest challenges in acting and producing movies?

Improvising roles, script reading and payment